MINT exposition in The Hague, Netherlands

Het Noordeinde, a charming area around Noordeind e Palace, the working palace of the king of the Neth- erlands, is considered one of the most unique and inspiring shopping districts of Europe. Now The Hague’s royal neighbourhood can add the new Nordic design concept store Design Mind to the list of its outstanding occupiers - museums, art galleries and high end boutiques.

Light living, the philosophy behind the newly opened Nordic design concept store fuses vitality and style of urban culture with the ease of country living. The store’s interior is designed around the original 19th century settings with classic oak parquet floor and white ceiling ornament moulds. Walls are neutral light grey, just right to blend seamlessly with graphic artworks and to highlight design objects.

Focusing on product quality and remarkable design, Design Mind showcases carefully chosen furniture and contemporary interior objects by designers who are shaping the looks of our future. Light living means to be selective in a good way, to eliminate the unnecessary by choosing well-made valuable prod- ucts that bring beauty and simplicity into our already oversaturated everyday life.

The designers represented in the store and its owner Dzenita Priedite, who is also the concept author and creative director of Design Mind, share the passion for handcrafted work, aesthetic approach to design, eco-friendly materials and know the power of sustainable thinking. Dzenita believes that home is not just a place where to recharge emotionally, it is also a reflection of our values, so they better be genuine and inspiring. She is constantly on the lookout for new and unique products that would compl ment the store and allow her costumers to enjoy light living by bringing the Design Mind into their homes.

The modern furniture brand MINT covers all important living areas from dining room to bedroom, while their newest masterpiece is the freestanding kitchen. The selected ceiling and floor lamps are made by the company Mammalampa. Their innovative approach to the way they combine materials is what one could call eco luxury; a modern twist of corroded steel, gold, wood, paper, marble and Swarovski crystals. The Design Mind also offers the exceptionally elegant yet sustainable Manu Nest hanging chair by Maffam freeform, gorgeous glass tableware by An & Angel, Latvian hand woven linen home textiles by Studio Natural and minimalistic homeware from Mājo. 

To make the home furnishing even more pleasant, the Design Mind team and back office also provide individual product customization and highly professional interior design services.