NEW Black edition by MINT

NEW Black Edition 2016 embraces the sculptural lightness, strong proportions and charismatic silhouette that has always been our company’s signature. We have added black stained finish to our ash wood selection to give an elegant new look to both modern and classical interiors.

The Black Edition is an exquisite example of furniture that is smooth and velvety to touch by still keeping its natural wooden grain perfectly visible.

Our latest products all serve as comfortable dining or bar elements. MINT cabinets and chairs compliment each other and bring aesthetics and geometry to any contemporary interior.

Black is not a trend - it is an eternal statement of style.

For over seven years our company has produced sustainable, quality designs made from the best materials. The MINT Black Edition is a great new addition that we are sure will please both our old and new admirers.

By applying black shade to our collection we have changed both the look and the overall MINT charisma. Black furniture is conceptually and visually strong and dominant, and it won’t go unnoticed. Artists have always played with black and the message behind it, but whereas in the past black was shrouded in mystery and magic, today it stands for sophistication, glamour and luxury.